The Outlook Brings A Bar & Bistro To Foxs

It’s been a while, but The Outlook at Foxs Marina has now fully opened and is providing a bar & bistro for visitors & berth-holders at the marina.

The Outlook seems set to impress. The Outlook has been an ongoing project at Foxs for quite some time; the covid situation didn’t help their plans to welcome the public last year but they did finally open their doors last August.

Its owned by Darren Given, who also owns The Grange in Shotley, with The Outlooks’ day to day running undertaken by Darrens’ twin sister Sarah. Spending the gradual covid re-opening periods this summer sounding out what works for their locals, they think they have a format that works; a quick uncomplicated offering during the day that attracts the berth holders, visiting sailors, marina & office staff and those toiling away on their boats in the yard.

The Outlook opens at 9am every day for breakfast, serving a simple lunch menu and light evening serving. Closing at 4pm during the week hampers your opportunity for sundowners opening hours do extend until 10pm on Friday & Saturday allowing you to sip away the end of a week (or the start of the weekend).

You can make a booking here.