If You Build It They Will Come

The plan was to build YachtLink around a forum format, clearly starting out you never know what interest there will be; so I thought I would build relevant content around the Orwell and push to get a large enough number of people to sign up to the mailing list. This would indicate, even simplistically – that the concept would hold water.

Simple enough I suppose, but bothering people I meet on the marinas and handing out a business card (oooh geez, I’m going to have to get business cards printed up aren’t I ?…) is really not my speciality in life, very much out of my comfort zone but needs are as needs must I suppose. Beware of a geek bearing gifts on your marina !

As the weekend drew to a close I created the Facebook and LinkedIn pages last night. No content there yet, only logos. These will be auto filled with user generated content from this YachtLink site. I left Twitter alone (for now).

Getting the look & feel right for this venture is almost as (probably more) important than the initial content. People do eat with their eyes after all. Some scratching & picking at the forums this afternoon highlighted some areas that means the work on them will be more than I had initially pondered. Wonderful. But hey, thats life.