Building YachtLink

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon, I’m sipping coffee after a gin or five the night before – I sit down at my chart table and start to build the initial framework of YachtLink. The concept is simple; a clean & clear functioning place for the sailing community on the East Anglian rivers & North Sea to keep informed of what’s going on in our environment and communicate.

As with all simple things, it’s easy to over think it, to run before you can walk – make it more complicated than it needs to be & lose sight of your original vision. As a world champion of all of these points, I was mindful to avoid these easy mistakes.

When I started out sailing, I’d always liked the idea of boats, the atmosphere, the sights and sounds even before setting foot on a sailing boat for the first time. I knew less than zero about being on the water and was (and still am) overawed by it, but I was lucky enough, to find good people, friendly people, helpful people who were kind enough to take me under their wing, not be judgmental and help me, teach me and also to learn with me. I am very thankful for that. The inner-hippy in me likes to help and spread happiness, YachtLink can help me do that and become a helpful resource to many others along the way.

Let’s Set Sail.