BREWDOG Coming To Ipswich Waterfront

Scottish brewer & bar owner BREWDOG have applied for a license to open a new bar on the ground floor of The Winerack apartment complex on the Ipswich waterfront.

BREWDOG has a large and successful bar business in and outside of the UK, also selling craft beers direct and via supermarkets. Their bars, for those of you who haven’t supped there before are a pretty lively set of venues, generally attracting a younger crowd but stocking a very large selection of IPA’s and beers.

The vacant area under The Winerack is next to the now closed Active Gym, a few steps away from The Waterfront Bistro, which will extend the nightlife scene nearly along the entire length of the marina basin. A recent license application was turned down by an investor looking to take over the gym – this was due to the application wanting opening hours until 4am. Clearly the council weren’t in the mood to agree to that.

No word from the Ipswich Borough council on the application at The Winerack and nothing publicly from BREWDOG themselves either; but it is understood that they are VERY keen to occupy a space on the waterfront which has become the focal point of Ipswich at night.